“The teaming of Andrew Palermo and Nicole Ruth Snelson as Tommy Keeler and Winnie Tate, the mandatory set of naive, young lovers, is a casting choice made in heaven.

-Talkin’ Broadway

How to Save the World and Find True Love in 90 Minutes

“Snelson is wonderful ... and is an island of excitement!”

-Talkin’ Broadway (1)

“A very physical actor, she brings motion and presence to each of her scenes”

-The Cinema Source

“Snelson is a lithe, sensual beauty with a killer comic sense.”

-Talkin’ Broadway (2)

Legally Blonde: The Musical

“Snelson has a striking voice with a wide range when singing "Whipped Into Shape." The choreography by Jerry Mitchell, is filled with energy, especially in the opening of the second act, with the cast jumping rope and doing athletic movements in orange jumpsuits. This scene shakes and bakes the definition of a Broadway show.”

-Talkin’ Broadway

A Chorus Line

“Most endearingly, there's Cassie (the intoxicating Nikki Snelson).”

-Denver Post

WONDERLAND: Alice’s New Musical Adventure

“...gives a knockout performance of the rocking "The Nick of Time" in the second act.”

-Tampa Bay Online

“....a vibrant dance number led by a deliciously wicked Nikki Snelson.”


“Nikki Snelson brings high-voltage villainy to the snide Mad Hatter”

-Houston Chronicle

“Standing in Alice's way is the Mad Hatter, played by Nikki Snelson, who marvelously portrays Wonderland's villain”

-Broadwayworld.com, Houston

“The versatile and appealing Nicole Ruth Snelson...”

-Miami Herald

As the lone female in the cast, Nicole Ruth Snelson is an amalgamation of Mariah Carey, Donna Summer, Madonna, Melissa  Ethridge, and Bette Midler. The girl can rock!

booming soprano voice easily fills the Majestic Theatre. Snelson is blessed with the 11 o'clock number, "Come to Your Senses" (from Superbia) that -will put goosebumps on your arms and cause your body to tingle due to her incredible and powerful performance of this soaring rock aria.

But she also has some downright hilarious numbers that show off her dazzling exuberance as well. She and Campbell have a show stopping duet titled "Therapy" that is a jovial laugh fest about relationships and feelings, something everyone can relate to.”

-Talkin’ Broadway

“Campbell was out-acted by the other two actors, who have the opportunity to shift and transform into different characters. The telephone fight between Jonathan and Susan is played very well by Snelson and is so real, it really hits home.”

-City Pulse

"However, the cast does have its standouts. Nicole Ruth Snelson as the underage kid sister Winnie adds much to the comic and musical pleasures of the production."

-Curtain Up

"Taking on an important supporting role, Nicole Ruth Snelson plays the more conventional ingenue Winnie Tate. Her numbers with costar Andrew Palermo simply ignite the stage and their 'Who Do You Love' duet brought the house down."

-Washington Post

"Nicole Ruth Snelson makes a bright and charming impression as Winnie, she of the interracial love match."

-Charles Isherwood, Variety

“Nicole Ruth Snelson and Andrew Palermo are terrific dancers and singers as the young romantic duo."

-Richmond Times Dispatch

“On stage a vibrant supporting cast adds to this rich tapestry with Valerie Wright as the grating Dolly Tate and Nicole Ruth Snelson silkily playing her younger sister Winnie.”

-Broadway Snapshot

“Snelson (who played Winnie Tate in the recent Annie Get Your Gun revival) is terrific--and looks hot in her red dress to boot.”


“Miss Snelson pulls off the toughest role with wit and élan.”

-New York Sun

“Snelson brings multiple vocal and dramatic talents to the show as Campbell's girlfriend as well as in a variety of short punchy characterizations throughout the program.”

-South Florida Sun Sentinal

“And Nikki Snelson as Cassie, ex-lover of director Zach (a smooth Michael Gruber), delivers the goods in the terrific "The Music and the Mirror."”

“Snelson nails it. She's a good singer, ... her footwork is sure and, ...even when Cassie is out of the spotlight. By the time she unleashes her desperation for a job,.... Snelson is able to bring it all back home because she's told us, with every nuance of her performance, every important detail of Cassie's roller-coaster life.”

“In the role that made Donna McKechnie a star -- aging hoofer Cassie -- Nikki Snelson gives a tour de force portrayal. Her characterization brims with poignancy and truth. Her big dance solo, "The Music and the Mirror," is every bit the showstopper it needs to be.”

-LA Times

-San Francisco Chronicle


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