Nikki performs “The Music and the Mirror” as Cassie on the 2008 National Tour of A Chorus Line.

From the MTV telecast, Nikki performs the song “Whipped Into Shape” from Legally Blonde.

Nikki featured in a music video for Sasha Zand.

Nikki and the Legally Blonde Creative Team (including Tony Award winning director-choreography Jerry Mitchell and Tony nominated composer Laurence O’Keefe) discuss the creation of Brooke Wyndam.

A sample of Nikki’s upcoming reel. (As featured on her old website)

More videos coming soon!

Check out this preview for the documentary “Every Little Step” featuring Nikki during the rehersals for Val, with commentary by A Chorus Line composer Marvin Hamlisch, singing “Dance: 10, Looks: 3.”

Nikki gives a backstage tour of the St. Louis MUNY Theatre while performing with their production of 42nd Street.

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